Why Church

Creating The Path Of Belief For a Generation Filled With Happiness And Satisfaction. 

Christianity Beliefs

Understand The Path Our Lord Left For The Unknown As We Go Through Essential Means To Understand Christian Beliefs And All That Comes With a Life Of Completion And Salvation. So, Are You Ready To Rejoice?


Decoding The Basics Of a Religion That Teaches Us To Love One Another And Go Through The Direction Of Peace. 


Addressing The Nature Of Conflict In Order To Prevent Everyone From Venturing Into The Evil Side Of Things. 


Spreading Love And Looking Deeper Into The Idea Of Peace As It Stands To Be The Only Way To Enjoy Life.

The Christian Bible

Learn More About The Holy Book That Acts As a Guide And Mentor Throughout Our Stay On Earth. 


Remembering Our Lord’s Sacrifice As It Takes Shape To Help Us Lead Life Through Darkness And Leave Aside a Life Of Sin. 


Open Your Eyes To Widespread Persecution That Has Taken Away The Lives Of Many And Shook The Religious. 

Constantine Embraces

Going Back In Time To Acknowledge The Roman Emperor, Who Was Also One Of The First Christian Emperors At The Time. 

Catholic Church

Enter The Realms Of Peace And Constant Happiness As Believers Come Together In The Name Of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. 

The Crusades

Look Through The Past And Move Away From The Idea Of Violence And Hatred That Brings Nothing To The Table Of Peace. 

The Reformation

Another Movement From The Past That Informs Us About The Implications Of Challenges Faced By The Christian Community. 

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  • Birth Of The Church
  • Orthodox Christian Church
  • The Protestant Movement

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Jesus Death and Resurrection

A Sacrifice That Was Meant For Humanity Stands To Be The Ideal Symbol That We, As Believers Need To Understand And Acknowledge As We Take Initial Steps Towards Life. 

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